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Instrument Rating

An Instrument Rating is an invaluable progression for pilots seeking to enhance their skills and broaden their flying capabilities. Building upon the foundation of a Private Pilot License, an Instrument Rating equips you with the expertise to navigate and operate an aircraft solely by reference to instruments, even in challenging weather conditions. This qualification enables you to fly in low visibility, through clouds, and in adverse weather, greatly increasing the safety and reliability of your flights. With an Instrument Rating, you can also pursue more diverse flight opportunities, such as cross-country trips with confidence, as you’ll be adept at interpreting instruments for precise navigation. This rating is a significant step toward becoming a well-rounded and proficient aviator, opening doors to various advanced aviation careers and further training.

On average, this rating takes students around 6 months to complete.


Instrument Rating Requirements (14 CFR 61.65):

  • Applicant must hold a current private pilot certificate or be applying concurrently for one with an appropriate rating (airplane, helicopter, or powered-lift).
  • Required Flight Time:
    • 50 hours of cross-country flight time as pilot in command (at least 10 hours in airplanes for instrument-airplane rating).
    • 40 hours of actual or simulated instrument time on specified areas of operation.
    • 15 hours of instrument flight training from an authorized instructor (category matching the rating sought).
  • Specifics for Instrument-Airplane Rating:
    • Cross-country instrument training involving a 250 nm distance on airways or ATC-directed routing.
    • One instrument approach at each airport.
    • Three different types of approaches using navigation systems (e.g., ILS, VOR, GPS).
  • Pre-Checkride Training:
    • Minimum 3 hours of instrument training (appropriate to rating sought) from an authorized instructor within two calendar months before the checkride date.

Additional ratings:


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