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Founded in 2009, Vector Aviation quickly became one of Northeast Ohio’s premier flight schools. Focusing heavily on quality instruction both in the air and on the ground, we teach our pilots how to become safe pilots first who can be confident in any situation. We don’t believe in rushed programs that “promise an airline seat” after a set period of time. At Vector Aviation, you are able to fly as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. We provide all the ratings you need to fly for the airlines, private charters, military careers, and more!

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Lake county executive airport (KLNN)
Flight Training in Northeast Ohio - Vector Aviation

Vector Aviation is located at the Lake County Executive Airport (KLNN) in Willoughby, Ohio. This non-towered airport is the ideal training environment for flight training. Unlike other airports in the area, KLNN features two perpendicular runways. With this configuration, we are able to simulate crosswind landings and improve your traffic pattern skills on any given day!

KLNN is the closest airport to the area’s flight training ground. Being the closest to this area means less time wasted in the air, and most importantly, more money back in your pocket! Our contracted on-field FAA certified mechanics keep our fleet of aircraft properly maintained and airworthy at all times.

When you are ready to take your checkride (the final exam to obtain your license and show off what you have learned), our Chief Flight Instructor, Paul Mannion, can be your Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE). This takes away the stress of having to locate a DPE, fly to their home airport, and have an unfamiliar face in the right seat with you. With Vector Aviation, you already have the home field advantage!

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With our diverse fleet of aircraft, you will be able to complete all of your training with us! We have everything from single engine, multi-engine, and complex aircraft to help you gain proficiency in all types of aircraft!

flight scheduling

Easily book your preferred airplane and flight instructor through our third party scheduling app. At Vector Aviation, you control your schedule and the type of aircraft you want to learn in. 

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Becoming a pilot nowadays offers an array of great opportunities. Our training equips you not only with the necessary skills and requirements but also the confidence to excel in this dynamic field. As you progress from student to certified pilot, you’ll be prepared for the journey ahead, where career growth from regional to major airlines awaits. At Vector, we are able to provide all of the training that the airlines require, including the 25 hours of multi-engine time!

We’ve always taken pride in our quality of airplanes and flight instructors. You’ll find that we do things the right way and refuse to take shortcuts. We often find that students come to Vector after comparing the high quality of airplanes and instructors to other flight schools in the area. Call or email us today to see if we are the right fit for you!


At Vector Aviation, you are able to fly as much or as little as you feel comfortable with! Our online scheduling app makes it easy to see the availabilities of our airplanes and instructors so you can quickly book around your busy schedule. We find that most students prefer to fly around 2-3 times a week. This gives them enough time to comprehend the material and be prepared going into their next flight. 

Vector Aviation is growing faster than ever! Over the past few years, our fleet of aircraft has grown rapidly and will continue to grow to meet the student demand! We take pride in maintaining our fleet to be airworthy at all times thanks to our contracted FAA certified on-field mechanics. Students can rely on our aircraft to be well kept and up to date compared to other flight schools in the area. As for our flight instructors, we have some of the most experienced and passionate instructors in the area, including military and airline pilots! Our wide mix of instructors can guide you through every rating needed for a career in the airlines, military, or private charter world. Our Chief Pilot is also an FAA authorized Designated Pilot’s Examiner (DPE)!

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