Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 things you want to know about pilot training.

Lots of reasons, maybe for an exciting career, for business, or just for your own enjoyment. Whatever your reason, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

NO. Contrary to popular opinion, it does not take any special skills. The average person can complete their pilot training quite easily.

You can start training at any age, and you can solo at 16. At 17, you are eligible for a pilot certificate. In fact, some people have become fully certificated pilots on theire 17th birthday!

No, you can wear glasses to correct your vision. Many pilots wear glasses or contacts.

While some medications may be an issue, most people have no trouble passing their FAA physical.

Most people are able to afford flight training. Vector Aviation can give you specifics on cost. And, at Vector Aviation, you “pay as you go”.

YES. Accidents are rare, and when they do happen, they are usually the result of the pilot using bad judgment, just as happens in automobile accidents. At Vector Aviation, we emphasize excellent decision making skills to make your flying a safe experience. We take great pride in our outstanding safety record.

NO, at Vector Aviation, our aircraft available for rental to our customers. Rental is much more cost efficient than owning.

That depends. Some people have completed their training in a summer, others longer. It depends on your availability to fly. Most people take 6-9 months to complete their training. And, at Vector Aviation, we fly 7 days per week so as to meet our customer’s schedules.

Give Vector Aviation a call at 440-974-2999 and we will schedule an introductory flight for you. It’s an easy, 30 minute flight where you get to fly the plane. The flight is designed to let you see how you like piloting the plane. There is no pressure, but we think it’s pretty likely that you will find it exciting and will want to continue training!